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Submitted on
July 15, 2009
Image Size
1.0 MB


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Camera Data

Shutter Speed
1/400 second
Focal Length
6 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jul 15, 2009, 1:25:23 PM
A Long Road Ahead Of Me by Ghost247 A Long Road Ahead Of Me by Ghost247
little camera,big results.shot with the sony cyber shot.7.2 mega pixels.while driving at a high rate of speed
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wow nice shot. not bad for a photo that was taken off at a high speed. looks natural.

btw, do you have any link for a tutorial or any tips
to edit like (shawdows/darkness while the colors are showing off) this picture of yours?
most of my post have a link that will show you the basics in HDR photography,just the far as the rest goes,all i can tell you is practice with photoshop after you've generated your HDR.lots and lots of's going to take time so don't rush it.also remeber that google is your friend,it has tons of places you can find tips and tricks.also look for photography tips,check out
I am a Beginner in Photography/Photoshop without taking any lessons or anything. I've always admired HDR photos(not knowing it is called HDR). i thought it was just a matter of adjusting hue/saturation/shadows/ on.
and that's what i tried to do. now, i realized it's more than that after reading some tutorials!

thank you so much for the tips
do you mind if i ask you some questions i have while practicing HDR photos?
sure!!i'm willing to help
i don't want to keep bugging you but i'll ask my last question anyway. i promise this will be my last one.

how can i get different exposures if all i have is photomatix and photoshop? because my camera doesn't have that feature.
thank you so much.

as i read some tutorials, it says there it needs 3 photos of the same shot (-2EV, metered EV, +2EV) or basically One normal exposure, the second underexposed and the third overexposed. i don't think my camera supports that. is there a way to do those in photoshop? my camera has sharpness,saturation,contrast and flash intensity set to 0. are those needed to get different exposures?

as you can see in this
the settings are "f/2.8 1/125 1/30 1/500 and iso 400" is it possible if i just duplicate a picture to become three pictures in the link?

thanks you so much. i also apologize for asking a too much.
another thing you can do is get a tripod and after each shot change the exsposure manually.
thank you for the link. it was very helpful.
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